CPLS joins the New H2020 Project PLANET Launched June 2020

A new research and innovation action will assess the impact of emerging global trade corridors on the TEN-T network, ensuring effective connectivity and sustainability of the European Global Network.

Documentary "Sines and the Sea"

The documentary "Sines and the Sea" aims to enhance the identity of Vasco da Gama for the consolidation of business opportunities in Sines. The film provides an articulation between the historical, economic and sociocultural phenomenon, capitalizing on the symbolic value of the greatest Portuguese navigator in order to project Sines and its strong connection to the sea as an economic and social vector.Click on the image for more information.Project co-financed by the European Fund for Maitimos and Fisheries and by the Operational Program Mar2020 of Portugal 2020.


CPLS is an association of public and private entities whose activity is directly or indirectly linked to the Port of Sines. It was created on 9 June 2011 with the mission of promoting the development of the port, industrial and logistical complex of Sines, bringing together the interests and skills of its members. Among the objectives to be achieved, we highlight the increase in productivity through red tape and technological innovation, the valorization of its assets and human resources and the consolidation of Sines as the main Atlantic port of the Iberian Peninsula, attracting new investments in the port area and in its industrial and logistics environment.